Scientific Group Company

Company Profile

Scientific Group Co. is a Specialized Company in so many fields of business services and was established in 1988.

The services include, construction, Scientific lab equipment. Educational equipments, instrumentation, pneumatic systems, environmental equipments, Testing and calibration systems & hydraulic & electromechanical systems.


Scientific Group Co. is specialized in scientific and engineering fields


Scientific Group Co. does the supplying, installation and commissioning for the equipments used in universities, scientific institutes, factories,  industrial laboratories, Refineries of Oil, & National Centers for Researches.


Scientific Group Co. has multiple agencies from well-known manufacturer companies which deals with the fields mentioned above.


Scientific Group Co. work to raise the standard of scientific research and technical education by providing up-to-date technology and equipments.


Scientific Group Co. provides the necessary equipments for testing and monitoring air, water pollution.


Scientific Group Co. arrange special training courses for laboratories, scientific and medical equipments, inside and outside Iraq.

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